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How to Resolve your Cyber Risk

How to Resolve your Cyber Risk

Axon Technologies is releasing its software platform called Resolve. This platform was created in record time using speedy agile principles and design thinking, but that is all secondary. I'm incredibly excited about this platform for several reasons, all of which I will delve into here.

Axon Technologies is a cybersecurity company in the UK and Dubai. We have a measure of success and work very hard for our clients to make sure they are defended, remediated, and prepared for cyber infractions. I began at Axon precisely because of the way it does cybersecurity. We are intensely focused on people and how people make a difference in cyber. We even told ourselves we are technology agnostic when in truth, what we are is people inclusive. Inclusive in consulting, architecture, and operations. How we view the cyber landscape is unique in my experience, and I saw a need for this approach in the market.

What that means for Axon Resolve is that the approach taken to building the IP for Axon had the same direction. We didn't look at building an appliance or application to cover SIEM, SOAR or EDR - we looked at what all of the markets seemed to need help with, and we began to ask, "why?"

I am pretty fond of Simon Sinek and his golden circle, starting with "what?", then "how?" and finally, at the core, "why?" And I may have driven my company mad when I delved even deeper into the question of "Why?" examples of this include "Why are we building IP?" and "Why do companies get breached and have issues with cyber?" But I wanted to understand if something was missing that others hadn't found. What I discovered was that the market is incredibly packed. It's such great news because if you consider your movement, from your mobile devices to home networks and your car and office environment, then to public Wi-Fi, the market is saturated with fantastic products (some more than others). These products protect, backup, and monitor these environments; they offer support, setup, management, incident response, orchestration, and other services, so why would we add another product to the field?

Well, it turns out that if you become an "active listener", as my colleague David would say, you start to hear a whisper of frustration with tech-savvy cyber clients. That whisper is remarkably similar to the story of frustration with non-cyber adopting potential clients. It's that the visibility is lacking.

Suddenly their tales became a loud resonating set of questions; some of these were, "What am I spending company resources on?", "What am I getting?", "What is it protecting?", "How well can it protect me?" These questions led to a breakthrough for us, and that is the following:

Companies and organisations do not know their cyber operational risk and how to reduce it.

This statement turned out to be correct even when organisations do costly assessments and have reports detailing these findings. The transition from the information and consulting to operational integrity is never made. It wasn't that the organisations didn't know the risk; since it was a point in time analysis and considered part of the external requirements for compliance, it never really made it to the IT department.

This finding, in turn, means something deeply troubling. All the decisions to buy software and hardware to protect company assets and organisational resources are made with a point in time analysis and, even worse, without the ability to check to see how these solutions have improved the associated risk. We all seem to lack post-implementation visibility.

Axon Resolve is our solution to that problem. We identify your organisation's core risks, and we generate a dashboard with those results. Once this step is complete, we connect to your current security services and align these outputs to the risk we have identified with you. Axon Resolve not only enriches the data but also adds a dynamic element to these dashboards so you can see in real-time what is being affected by your technology choices. You now have an overview of your organisational decisions against your unique cybersecurity blueprint.

Once this is complete, Axon Resolve becomes a value add to the specific posture of your organisation. That means you will add your vulnerability management to the platform or use ours and be able to continuously perform assessments on your organisation's backdrop to see how your risk evolves as you grow. We will then add our threat intelligence option, connecting you to the threats which target your posture specifically. As our platform grows, the continuous refinement of the threat intelligence will generate even more bespoke findings helping your teams mitigate any potential threat.

As our platform grows, so will we, as we are deeply invested in expanding this offering. We see the commitment from industry and government to security. Axon wants to help by managing the security stack and the spread of technologies in an organisation because we know the problem of "the paradox of choice" for those organisations wanting to secure themselves but not knowing where to start.

It is a bespoke-centric approach as we understand the nature of security, threat landscape and vulnerabilities change from day to day and certainly from organisation to organisation. Your unique blueprint allows you and your security partner to build a successful defensive strategy that is both proactive and comprehensive. Book your free consultation today.