Managed Detection and Response

Your current approach to cybersecurity could be putting you at risk, this comprehensive solution from Axon Technologies employs tools such as machine learning, analytics and automation to provide the advanced detection and response you need with supporting incident management capabilities needed to more effectively thwart cyber-attacks.

Our Approach to Solutions Intelligence-Led Cybersecurity

Axon Technologies is facing a must-win battle against sophisticated cyber adversaries. Our mission is to enable clients to predict, prevent, detect, respond to, and recover from cyber-attacks. We do this by implementing an intelligence-led strategy to protect the client’s data, assets, people, and reputation.

 We call this the Advanced Cybersecurity Fusion Center (ACFC).

How we Protect our Clients





Invest in top threat intel, threat hunting and incident response talent, and develop junior team members.

Contextualize threat landscape and the who, why, what of threat actors to build playbooks that inform executive action and decision making.

Deploy innovative technologies that apply automation, machine learning and AI to become proactive and better enable the people in the team.

Implement leading processes and integrations to maximize collaboration, learning and innovation across functional areas.

Advanced Cyber Fusion Center Process

Challenges we solve across industries



Securing sensitive client data.









Stopping rapidly spreading malware.



Safeguarding valuable IP.









Supplementing lean security teams.



Improve threat detection efficiency and response time.









Defending MacOS and Windows environments.

EDR + NDR Reconstruct the Entire Attack

With our combined NDR + EDR solution, we provide Defense in Depth and help you achieve detection and response everywhere:

  •  24 x 7 monitoring.
  • Complete reconstruction of an Attack from Endpoint to Network.
  • Deep Forensics for IR & Proactive Threat Hunting.
  • Identify root cause to prevent it from happening again.
  • We apply our cybersecurity differentiators in everything we do –Threat Intelligence, Security Operations Expertise, Security Analytics, Axon Detection Rules (for EDR, NDR and SIEM), and Security Playbooks.
  • We are able to mobilize our services in a matter of weeks.


With our Axon Technologies SOC-as-a-Service model, we give you the ability to utilise a 24 x 7 SOC operation in-country at a fraction of the price you would pay to build it in-house. SOC-as-a-Service solutions allow clients to rent SOC capabilities. Some organizations also use SOC-as-a-Service solutions to offload heavy lifting tasks in security options (like Tier 1 Security Analysis tasks) so their internal team can focus on key security initiatives and key risks. Other organizations may use SOC-as-a-Service as an interim solution while they build their own in-house capability. With our SOC-as-a-Service approach, we manage the SOC tools, the people and the process. You bring your own security technologies and we make them work harder.


  • Analyst hiring and retention
  • Alert management
  • Hunting methodology
  • Threat intel management
  • Analyst playbooks
  • Researching new tech
  • Metrics and dashboards



  • Security analysts (Tier 1 / Tier 2)
  •  Shift leads
  • Malware analysts
  • Threat Hunters
  • Tooling engineers
  • Data scientist



  • SOAR platform
  • Data Analytics
  • AI / Machine learning platform



You see exactly what our analysts are doing for you 24 x 7

Our goal is not check the box and meet the SLA

We measurably improve your security using our Axon Cyber Security Maturity Curve to demonstrate improvements

We adapt to your business :

- Build business context in our security analysts

- Business context in our playbooks

- Business context in our detection rules and use cases

We have clear and transparent pricing.

Managed Security Services (MSS) for Splunk

With Axon Technologies MSS for Splunk you get a team of Splunk certified experts on your side. We dedicate our efforts to Splunk infrastructure management, use case and content development and threat detection and response. We also optimise and improve existing Splunk investments by adding our threat intelligence, configuration best practices and differentiated security use cases on top of Splunk out of the box capabilities. All in all this will help us detect and respond to incidents quicker, reduce false positives and free up your teams to focus on incidents that matter to the business and more strategic initiatives.


What you get with our MSS for Splunk service:

  • Automating all of Tier 1 and majority of Tier 2 Security Analysis.
  • Decreasing Time to Response and Remediation.
  • Instant access to our expertise including playbooks,  automation scenarios, reports and architecture advice.
  •  Best in class and high-fidelity security playbooks,  integrated with threat intelligence.



Technology Partners

We partner with best of breed technology partners and are on the pulse of emerging tech.