Consulting & Incident Response Approach

Our consulting approach is to leverage Axon Technologies global experience and capabilities and our understanding of the threat landscape to make every consulting project a success.

Consulting & Incident Response Services

  •  Address business and technical challenges to build a clear security roadmap.
  •  Assess your capabilities and readiness to detect and respond to security incidents (from technology, people, and process perspective).
  •  Present a business risk report to senior stakeholders.
  •  Build a strategic partnership with Axon Technologies, providing continuous support, intelligence and updates about threat landscape changes in the region.


  • Understand what level of maturity your SOC is currently operating at.
  • Identify what your SOC’s development roadmap should look like.
  • Measure your SOC’s assurance levels and ability to detect cyber-attacks.
  • Respond to cyber-attacks in a timely manner to prevent impact being compromised.

  •  Expose your weaknesses before real hackers do.
  •  Reveal which areas of security you need to invest in.
  • Simulates a real attack scenario.
  •  Comply with regulations.
  •  Axon Technologies can carry out a full range of testing (i.e. black, white, or grey box; internal or external; infrastructure or web application; source code review, and social engineering).



Our Left of Boom services (Proactive Incident Response) have very high value – they can inform and direct every aspect of your incident response practice, driving value and efficiency.


Threat Hunting and Security Assessment

Incident Response & Forensics – Ransomware Response, Advanced Attack, Email Compromise, etc.


Left of Boom

Right of Boom

Compromise Assessment

Incident Response Workshops and Exercises

Malware Analysis and Reverse Engineering

Incident Response Plan Review / Development