About Axon

Axon Technologies is a cybersecurity services company focused on protecting organizations of various sizes in this digitally connected world.


Our mission is to help organizations predict, prevent, detect, respond to, and recover from cyber-attacks with a combination of best of breed security technologies and a specialist team of researchers, analysts, and incident responders to provide clients the comfort that their organization is protected 24×7.

Our vision is to apply automation, orchestration, and machine learning into our security programs to stay one step ahead of the attackers and unleash the value of your security investment.

Why Axon?

1. Our focus on Cybersecurity

Our company is 100% focused on cybersecurity services and solutions. We are collaborative with our customers and bring a specialized, experienced and pragmatic cybersecurity point of view to the table. Our team has spent several years working in technical security roles and leading technical security operations capabilities. We are globally recognized and regionally focused on the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).


2. Our expertise with Critical Infrastructure Providers globally and regionally

Axon Technologies is bringing together a team with expertise from critical infrastructure industries ranging from Government, Oil & Gas, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Financial Services and Transportation. Our experience has been gathered from the UK, US, KSA, UAE and rest of Middle East. The combination of the consulting skills and expertise in helping regulators and strategic organizations build cybersecurity strategies together with the program management approach Axon Technologies implements provides an end-to-end cyber value proposition.


3. Our pragmatic and efficient approach

We will draw on our knowledge and experience gained from existing customers, toolsets, templates, data sets and reference documents so we can apply a network effect impact on all our customer base.


4. Our technology agnostic operating model

We can work with all leading security technologies and integrate them into the Axon Technologies operations to automate, orchestrate and run an efficient and effective security operations program. We apply our incident handling and incident response playbooks, business context, integration of threat intelligence, orchestration among existing security technologies at a client site to deliver an outcome based program that continuously evolves with the threat landscape.

Core Values

1. Collaborative

To us collaboration means listening and evolving together with our customers.

Customer first approach with an objective of exceeding expectations in all customer engagements.

Acting as an extension of the customer’s security team.

2. Partnership Focused

Building an innovative ecosystem of world class partners and advisers.

Partnering with best of breed cybersecurity solutions to protect our customers data and reputation.

3. Positive Change Agent

We are passionate about cybersecurity and the impact it has on digital transformation around the world.

We are here to make a positive difference in our customers environments and wider society.

Our team is committed to making a difference.

4. Evolving

We stay up to date with the evolving threat landscape.

Our team is creative, innovative, inventive and committed to learning and curiosity.

We set the pace and build solutions we believe in.

5. Righteous

We do the right thing by our customers and all else will follow.

We do the right thing by the society and ecosystem and our reputation will be resilient.

6. Customer Obsessed

The customer is the center of all our decisions.

We have a nonstop dedication to customer needs and a consistent willingness to go above and beyond for our clients.

Continuously we provide our customers with quality and meaningful experiences.

Our main goal is to exceed customer expectations and anticipate customers’ needs.

Leadership Team