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Axon Technologies is a cybersecurity services company focused on protecting organizations of various sizes in this digitally connected world. Our mission is to help organizations predict, prevent, detect, respond to, and recover from cyberattacks with a combination of best of breed security technologies and a specialist team of researchers, analysts, and Incident responders to provide clients the comfort that their organization is protected 24x7.

Our vision is to apply automation, orchestration, and machine learning into our security programs to stay one step ahead of the attackers and unleash the value of your security investment.


Essential Managed Security Service +--

Provides the resources and technology necessary to deliver a fundamental and integrated managed security service for Clients IT environment. Offering 24x7 automated service that creates tickets generated from data supplied by Clients IT environment for the purpose of managing, monitoring, detecting, and alerting Client to potential security threats, infrastructure performance problems, and business continuity interruptions. The service uses an advanced, analytics-based approach capable of ingesting Data from all assets including endpoints, cloud applications, and traditional security and network devices.

Advanced Managed Security Service +--

Provides 24x7 analysis of Client supplied data for the purpose of monitoring, detecting and alerting Client to potential security threats, Security Events and Security Incidents. The service uses an advanced, analytics-based approach capable of ingesting Data from not only traditional security and network devices but other devices and cloud applications that may help identify threats or aid in investigation of threats. In addition to detecting traditional signature-based threats, Advanced MSS uses behavioral modeling and a proprietary threat intelligence platform to detect advanced threats and provide valuable insights that can help shorten the detection interval and reduce false positives. As part of our Advanced MSS service, we also on board clients onto our Cyber Academy to provide multiple guided interactive cyber security workshops tailored for executives, technical, or non technical employees.

Managed Detection and Incident Response Service +--

MDR services improve a client’s threat detection, response and continuous-monitoring capabilities. We leverage technologies at the host and network layers that generate and collect security event and contextual data that support both the detection of threats and incident investigation (such as forensic data). Additionally, our focus is on threat analytic detection techniques, threat intelligence and incident response activities.

Security Consulting Service +--

Security Consulting services that can include Cybersecurity strategy development, security program assessment, security roadmap development, compromise assessments, penetration testing, building network security architecture, threat intelligence reports, dark web monitoring, and employee security awareness workshops and trainings.

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